Complete Incoming System for

Complete Incoming System for

RWA has delivered a complete reservation system to TourHERO. The system is based on our industry leading Sell-It Suite system, with RWA providing a full Facilities Managed (FM) offering. It includes connectivity to HBSi’s Demand Gateway which, in turn, provides access to a wide variety of supply partners.

The RWA and TourHero teams have worked closely together on the implementation project. This has ranged from managing the initial project requirements, through delivery of the system for initial data loading, design and delivery of the web site and support through final preparations for go-live.

About TourHero

TourHERO is a new American incoming tour operator offering an innovative business model that establishes a new industry benchmark level in how to approach the domestic and international leisure markets. As part of the division, they are leveraging their existing business of high volume, long-term contract relationships with hotels in key travel markets, to provide price-competitive product for travel agencies and FITs that cater to leisure travelers through the unique technology that TourHERO has created with RWA as a partner.


The delivered system has enabled the: