Discount Functionality

Promotions and Discounts Functionality In Sell-It Suite

Our conversations with travel companies continue to indicate the importance of being able to quickly and easily create promotional offers and special discounts for specific products, destinations or groups of people. We have responded to this by providing some outstanding promotion and discount features in Sell-It. These include:

All of the above can be set for specific accommodation and booking and stay date ranges. You can even make the offer for a specific room type and arrival days if desired. This enables the quick and easy creation of even complex promotions such as “10% off any stay of 8 or more nights in a deluxe room in Hotel Gorgeous if you book during January for stay during June.

In addition, Sell-It includes a facility to create powerful discount rules that can be associated with groups of users and also voucher codes if desired.

Discount Rules consist of:

Categories of users which define:

Voucher codes