Evolution of online booking solutions and demand in South Africa

Online booking solutions and demand in South Africa.

In the UK in particular, stark contrasts are painted between travel firms that are seeing dramatically declining sales and those achieving increases. The proposition is that the former have out dated models or failing to adapt to the way we use technology, delivery methods and trading hours. Similar disparities are being experienced by travel agents in South Africa. In this scenario, there are three key points to be considered which are:

  • It is about your value add, not technology…
  • Tailor processes to business models
  • Now choose the right teach
Mary Bradbury, joint Chief Information Officer at RWA outlines a course of action for your business to keep pace. To read more download the recent news article from TIR Southern Africa.


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“The best technology money can buy will not help you if the fundamentals of your business are wrong.” – Mark Bradbury

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