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robert wortham

Robert Wortham – Founder and CTO


Rob founded the company in 1989. He has over 25 years experience in the IT industry, spanning custom chip design, real time control systems and finance applications through to travel solutions. This involved design and development of embedded hardware, communications systems, relational database solutions and object oriented applications.

A particular interest in middleware in the early nineties resulted in a number of RWA products designed to meet the needs of client/server application developers, both for database access to Solaris/Unix systems and interprocess communication with Tandem mainframe systems.

Rob also designed the communications infrastructure for a UK equities trading platform, a novel solution providing graphical control of automated weaving systems, and a solution handling the communications traffic for 40% of all UK travel agency holiday bookings.

Since 2003 his focus has been on the design, development and deployment of Sell-It Suite, RWA’s complete Reservation System for tour operators, airlines, membership organisations and wholesalers.

As a Consultant he has provided technical expertise and guidance at all levels, from hands-on coding to corporate board level. As a Project Manager he has managed software projects and system deployments internationally.

As a Company Director he has provided oversight to the successful growth of RWA from a fledgling software house to a major international supplier of systems to the travel industry. His goals have always been to deliver solutions to a truly professional standard, and to develop both processes and people to enable RWA to scale in it’s delivery.


B.Sc. (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering, M.Eng. Electrical and Electronic Engineering, C.Eng, MIET, FBCS, CITP

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