RWA New Widget Toolkit

RWA New Widget Toolkit

RWA has developed a toolkit of re-usable web site widgets which can be used to develop and deliver a new generation of travel web sites containing outstanding promotional and directional selling capabilities using dynamic product information, availability and pricing.

Many travel companies are struggling with the major challenge of how to develop and maintain functionally rich, dynamic web sites that support quick creation and display of product promotions and special offers and also facilitate directional selling. Often, promotions and special offers are created as static items which may or may not have deep links to product offers in the company’s database. The poor webmaster or web marketing person is left with the responsibility to keep these offers up-to-date and relevant.

RWA’s new toolkit overcomes all of these headaches by enabling the development of a new generation of web sites containing widgets for deal pods, offer tabs, accordion specials, recommended destination panels, holiday type galleries and more.Each widget can be placed on one or more pages of a web site and the information shown is retrieved in real-time from the product database when the page is displayed. As products are added or sold (via any sales channel), the widgets automatically display offers based on the selection criteria set up in the widget.

Each widget comes with its own XML schema and data and Product Marketers have complete control over the product offers that each widget displays using an information editor incorporated into Sell-It Suite’s Inventory Manager.

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