Sell-It Suite Fully Managed Hosting Service

Sell-It Suite Fully Managed Hosting Service – Private Cloud Computing

RWA offers a fully managed hosting service which is being used by almost all of our Sell-It Suite customers. RWA is responsible for the entire system (hardware and the operating system platform and supporting the Sell-It Suite applications.

The service provides the following:

  • A robust and scalable server infrastructure configured for high availability
  • Deployment and management of a specific Sell-It Suite product instance and database for each customer
  • Secure, encrypted internet connectivity via a fibre optic connection providing contracted committed bandwidth for each customer
  • A backup Internet connection in the unlikely event of primary failure
  • Web site usage statistics and graphical network traffic reports showing web site and call-centre traffic flow
  • Regular product upgrades
  • Daily backups and log rotations
  • Extensive monitoring of the hosting environment with automated alerts
  • External monitoring from multiple locations of Sell-It powered web sites
  • Management and replacement for hardware failures
  • Regular server upgrades
  • Removal of the need for each customer to employ specific IT resources to operate and maintain servers and operating system software


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