Sell-It Suite Fully Managed Hosting Service

Sell-It Suite Fully Managed Hosting Service – Co-Location Offering

For Sell-It Suite customers who need a full hosting service, RWA is pleased to be able to offer a fully managed co-located hosting service in a Tier 3+ world class data centre.

The centre, located only 10 miles from RWA’s offices has dual super grid substations, diverse physically separate connections to the internet delivering up to 10,000 mbs and advanced fire detection & suppression The centre has a 4m blast fence, manned 24 x 7, with armed response, airlock style entry, full day & night time infra-red CCTV and meets section 5 of HM Gov security standard.

RWA is responsible for the entire system – hardware, the operating system platform and supporting the Sell-It Suite applications.

The service provides the following:

Various levels of Disaster Recovery facilities are available, including real-time database replication to a remote hosting platform.