Sell-It Suite V5 Enhancements

Sell-It Suite version 5 – Further Enhancements

Sell-It Suite


Working in conjunction with our customers, RWA has made further enhancements to Version 5 of Sell-It Suite. These include:


An MIS Data Warehouse Module Supporting Complex Customer and Booking Analysis

RWA has recently completed the development and delivery of an MIS Data Warehouse module for Sell-It Suite. This new capability allows complex multi-dimensional reports to be run against booking and financial data without any impact to the operational performance of the live system. The MIS data is accurate up to the end of the previous business day and so can be used for almost all MIS and Financial reporting.

Commenting on this development, Rob Wortham, CIO of RWA said “as our customers gather increasing volumes of transactional data within their live systems, we needed to provide a facility for them to make deep and complex queries into this data without impacting the running of their live systems. This new module, implemented as a separate virtual server within our infrastructure, allows us to provide this capability to our enterprise class customers”.

Support For 3D Secure Card Protection

Sell-It Suite uses industry leading AES encryption for storage of all customer credit card details. In addition to this, web site traffic is encrypted during booking and payment, and access to credit card details within our Bookings Manager call-centre application is controlled via a sophisticated user permissioning system. However we are always working to keep abreast of latest industry initiatives such as PCI DSS.

The 3D Secure (3DS) standard created by Mastercard and Visa allows card issuers to obtain independent verification of the identity of card holders when making online bookings. RWA has developed support for the 3DS standard and now has customers using 3DS in conjunction with TNSI, a major UK payment services provider. Our 3DS implementation has a layered architecture, allowing adapters to other Payment Service Providers’ (PSPs) 3DS services to be quickly developed and deployed.

Virtual Servers Reduce Hosting Costs & Increase Scalability

RWA has just successfully completed a major systems migration for one of our enterprise customers. The system is now running on an entirely virtualised platform using VMWare ESX as the Hypervisor on a 16 Core, 128GB server with almost 3 Terrabytes (3,000GB) of SAN storage. The project has significantly reduced hosting costs and provides increased flexibility in terms of system scalability and platform redundancy. For example, virtual servers can be moved from one physical server to another, while they continue to run!

Working closely with our customer and their hosting organisation, RWA smoothly completed the 3 month project in April. With a system downtime of only 3 hours for the switchover, the system was immediately fully online and operational with no post migration issues. Commenting on the project, Alastair Garman, RWA’s Operations Director said, “this project illustrates the flexibility with which Sell-It Suite can be deployed. It is testimony also to the excellent working relationships that we have with our customers and 3rd parties that have allowed this project to complete so smoothly against a fixed deadline.”

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