Sell-It XML Gateway

RWA’s Sell-It XML Gateway provides a powerful distribution capability for delivering product availability and pricing information via XML to 3rd parties and allowing 3rd parties to interact with Sell-It Services to browse, search and book travel products.

Sell-It Gateway uses web services (via the industry standard HTTP, WSDL and SOAP protocols) to transmit and receive XML messages over the Internet or any other TCP/IP network. The XML messages themselves are fully documented and conform to XML schema definitions published by RWA. The messages support the full capabilities that Sell-It Suite provides for the browsing, searching and booking of travel products.

Key Features

  • Distribution of product availability and pricing information using standard XML message formats
  • Full online booking via a secure XML services based interface.
  • 3rd party authentication and data encryption using sophisticated security mechanisms.
  • Powerful query capabilities using Sell-It Suite’s unique offers browsing functions.
  • Online Brochure querying using an XML interface to Sell-It Suite services.
  • Monitoring and logging of 3rd party gateway usage.
  • Individual 3rd party tailoring using Sell-It Suite’s Agent Validation, Pricing and Branding services.
  • Access to multiple product sources, via the Sell-It Integration Bus.
  • Ability to generate branded confirmation emails either to customers or agencies.

How Can I Use Sell-It XML Gateway?

Sell-It XML Gateway, and the underlying Sell-It Services infrastructure it utilises is available for licencing from RWA. An annual licence entitles a Tour Operator to install and run the software on the Tour Operator’s own systems and use the product to distribute inventory to 3rd parties.

Alternatively, RWA is able to host an instance of Sell-It XML Gateway and the Sell-It Services infrastructure on behalf of a Tour Operator. The Tour Operator then pays a monthly subscription to RWA and can use the service to distribute inventory to 3rd parties.