RWA’s Sell-It Suite provides a solution for airlines seeking to sell their flights plus hotel and other ground products in either fixed or dynamic ‘holiday’ packages.

It is a total solution supporting the real time integration and sale of an airline’s flight inventory with either contracted or real-time ground products.

Solutions for Airlines

Sell-It Suite helps increase non-flight revenues by enabling the offering of a wide variety of ground products to customers. The margins that can be achieved on these products are often greater than the margin on the flight and significantly higher than any commission or ‘kick-back’ that might have been received had the sale taken place via a 3rd party.

Offering passengers more of what they are seeking, enables airlines to provide additional ‘value-add’ at the time of booking and build stronger customer relationships. The airline web site becomes a “one stop shop” for customer’s holiday needs rather than just a flight booking service.

By participating in more of the overall customer spend (increased “wallet share”), airlines can gain a greater knowledge of their customer’s current and potential spending habits and therefore have a better customer database to be leveraged for future sales and marketing.

Providing a broader service to passengers also enhances the airline brand. The ability to offer one integrated booking for flights, accommodation and other ground products means more control of your passenger’s booking and fulfilment experience.

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