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Version 4.0 Of Sell-It Suite Now Available

Version 4.0 Of Sell-It Suite Now Available

Sell-It SuiteWe have just launched version 4.0 of Sell-It Suite which contains a number of significant enhancements. These include:



1. New Sell-It Online Offers Listing

Sell-It Online now contains a new offers listing capability consisting of a new, clearer description of each of the offers and the ability to sort and group offers by in different ways. The layout and wording is configurable.

2. Enhanced Agency Sales Support

a. Automated Agent Invoicing

We now provide automated agency invoicing. On an agent, by agent basis, you can specify whether an agent is to be invoiced separately for each booking or invoiced periodically for all bookings made during a period.

b. Enhanced agent web site facilities showing agent commission

3. Automated Supplier Payments

Supplier payments in the form of detailed remittance advices can be automatically generated based on approved supplier invoices and supplier invoice and payment periods.

4. Support For Multi-Region/Multi-Market Pricing and Sales

Sell-It Suite is now completely “multi-region/market” from contracting through to finance management. It is now possible to:

(a) Define sales regions and within those regions define markets. Regions and markets may match continents and countries, for example, Europe containing Holland, Germany etc. or a region could be defined as, for example, UK consisting of specific markets of the South East, South West, Midlands and the North.

It is also possible to use this functionality to define “markets” for agency groups. One or more agents or groups of agents could be defined as belonging to a specific “market” and products and prices could then be set for that “market” i.e. group of agents.

(b) Establish contracts for transport or accommodation by market. Contract rates could be different for each market.

(c) Set different selling prices or markups for each market

(d) Sell the same product ((with the same or different costs and/or prices) in different
markets using that market’s currency.

5. Support For Group Contracts and Sales

We have extended our contract functionality to support group contracts where rates and selling prices vary by party size. So, rates are set, for example, for a group of 10-20 and for a group of 21-30. We also support agent and supplier frees.

6. Links To Amadeus and Sabre

We have added links to both Amadeus and Sabre (in addition to our Galileo link) for checking availability and booking of published, nego and IT fares.

7. Enhanced Financial Reporting

In addition to enhancing our Finance Manager to support complete multi-region, multi-market, multi-currency reporting, we have added a substantial number of new financial reports.

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